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Development of Land

Turning under-used land into opportunities to do other things you did not have the money for

Over the past 12 years we have been involved in seeking and getting permission to build dwellings on land for clients. What were horse paddocks or just fields which may have had a value of a few thousand pounds per acre were turned over a couple of years into sites worth hundreds of thousands of pounds and even millions. Clearly not every field or piece of land can be suitable for housing or other forms of commercial development but some can and with the experience we have gained over many years we may be able to help secure that for you.

As clients have said “you have changed our lives” ……”your detailed understanding and knowledge of how councils work, how the planning system works and your understanding of development meant that which we had been trying to get permission for years has now been achieved!”

Some people tell us that they have land which may be suitable but they are too old to do anything with it so will let their children do it in the future. Whilst that may be laudable it is important for people to, get advice on this strategy from their solicitor because it is possible that upon death inheritance tax may be charged on that land and some of that could be avoided by appropriate financial planning etc.

What we can do is seek to get the value of the land increased at a time where Government policy is to support development through planning permissions. Why not make contact and see what options there may be as to how we can help.

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Development of Land