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Employment Disputes | Support for Employees in Health Trusts and Local Authorities


We have acted for Health Professionals, NHS Trust Employees and Local Authority Employees in employment cases where investigations were being carried out. For example where an employee is suspended pending a disciplinary investigation or even when not suspended but still involved with a disciplinary investigation. Working at the highest level in both the public and private sector and dealing with all forms of issues. Our Team is headed up by Dr Robin Hooper LLB LLM Phd FRSA, His experience is broad and his in-depth understanding of the legal and personnel principles involved have helped many employees achieve very favourable results including being able to carry on in their chosen career at their existing place of work and/or receive compensation for inappropriate treatment.


Whether in the public sector in particular in health and local government, some employees every day are facing the threat of suspension or disciplinary action being taken. Often they may turn to for help from the trades union representative assuming they are in a trades union. However, picture the reality of where you are not in a union and when you come to the disciplinary hearing the witness a fellow colleague who also brings with them a trades union official to support the witness against you! This one would think highly unusual yet it is happening on a regular basis. So not only are you facing a management case and a panel of senior managers to hear it but now witness with a trades union official as well. Daunting to say the least.

Often even if a person is in a trades union it is possible that the trades union may decide to support a witness to a case rather than you the employee. This in particular happens with more senior positions. If help and support can be provided in an impartial and supportive way from a trades union then that is good. Yet consider how many other cases and what expertise in breadth and dept will the person helping you actually have?

Dr. Hooper and his team have helped many people facing these and other situations whilst they remain employed but often suspended whilst the disciplinary investigation is taking place. The support he and his team has given reflects the particular circumstances of each situation and extends to beyond just dealing with that which may seem obvious. Part of the process is helping the individual maintain some self respect and dignity at a time when it feels as if the whole world is coming in around them. We have dealt with whistle blowing, grievances, subject access requests, disciplinary investigations etc.

Whether you are a Chief Executive, Director, Middle Manager, Nurse, Administrator, Outside Worker or whatever Dr. Hooper’s team has a track record of helping and being successful.


Clearly there are costs to be incurred in engaging our services and it is not always possible due to the nature of what may be the circumstances to be able to give a fixed fee quote at the beginning although we will endeavour to give an indication of what the costs may be. We do offer an initial consultation service for £100 plus VAT for one hour at our offices or over the telephone to provide some initial guidance on the matter.

Contact our friendly and helpful team today and find out how we can help you, we understand the stresses these situations bring and in the vast majority of cases we have been able to bring matters to a satisfactory conclusion.

Telephone: 01743 369911 or Email: welcome